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The Radical Book for Kids Book Review

My first Christmas being married, I remember asking my husband for Champ Thornton's new kids' resource, The Radical Book for Kids: Exploring the Roots and Shoots of Faith. Now some of you may think that is silly, after all, we were newlyweds and didn't have any children. But since having a prior job in children's ministry, I gained a love for checking out new resources. Four years have passed and I'm still buying Christian discipleship tools for kiddos (it's socially acceptable now since we have Eleanor), and I have to say, The Radical Book for Kids is still one of my favorites.

In the book, "The Radical Book for Kids", Champ Thornton takes his readers on a fun-filled journey exploring the Bible, church history, and how the gospel intersects with everyday life! With bold and colorful illustrations, Thornton discusses deep, biblical truths in a way that is engaging for elementary and middle school-aged students. The book is quality made and actually reminds me of a coffee table book that you would display in your living room. But I promise you — this won't just be on display. Your kids will devour this book!

With topics ranging from the Passover, Christian friendships, understanding the Gospels, to even learning how to make a slingshot — there is something in this book for everyone! My personal favorite chapters were the theologian biographies and the chapter discussing the grand narrative of scripture (affectionately called "The Greatest Love Story in the History of the World").

Most children's books today water-down the gospel and instead present pretty packages of good, moral ideals. The Radical Book for Kids is the exact opposite. This book is meaty and robust, where the gospel jumps off on every page. Thornton doesn't shy away from hard or difficult topics because he feels they might be too challenging for a child to understand. Instead, he meets the student where they are and shares the hope we have in Christ, our Great Rescuer.

The Radical Book for Kids would make a wonderful Birthday or Christmas present for any child ages eight to fourteen. It would also be a great discipleship tool to use in family worship. I'm excited to see how God will use this tool as our daughter grows older to draw her to Himself. You can find The Radical Book for Kids, along with Champ's other books on New Growth Press, Amazon, and other online retailers.


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